Shine a Light on Coproduction

Gill Phillips and Florence Wilcock, co-founders of the powerful #fMatExp social movement, talk about the coproduction work they have done together since 2014. To make this manageable in 30 minutes, they choose a small but hugely important area of their #MatNeoQI work, which has so much potential to improve the lives of new families who happen to have a baby who needs neonatal care. 

Gill and Flo talk specifically about women and families who all too often fall between maternity and neonatal services, one of the three main themes of the 'Nobody's patient' project, for which powerful Whose Shoes scenarios and poems were produced to spark crucial conversations for change. These resources have been used incredibly effectively in some areas, notably Liverpool, thanks in particular to mum-leader Helen Calvert and consultant paediatrician, Joanne Minford. 

In the light of the BAPM framework for Family Integrated Care #FICare (Dec 2021), we encourage the 80 NHS trusts that already have these resources to get full value from them as they work to support healthcare professionals to make parents the primary carers, caring for their babies in NICU and preparing to go home as a family. We are excited to build on this work further in 2022.
With thanks to the NHS England Experience of Care team for inviting us to share our #MatExp 'Whose Shoes' co-production work at  'Shine A Light on coproduction', Jan 2022.

You can listen to the podcast  HERE

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