Sharing positive stories and improving communication - Facebook

Sharing positive stories and improving communication - Facebook featured image
At ULHT we have set up a closed Facebook page for staff.

This was set up in September 2015 and has grown significantly with just over 4000 engaging within the group.

It was set up to share positive stories and lift morale as we so often see the negative in the press and need reminding of the FAB stuff too.

Initially set up for nurses it didn't take long for all staff to want to engage, when a new CEO joined in Dec 2015 and heard about the group - which had 400 staff at the time he was so impressed he challenged us to get 1000 members by the new year and suggested it was used as a tool for communication across the Trust.

Staff do not always have time to access their work emails for updates and many never even access a computer particularly out porters, housekeeper and HCSWs, this group has brought together everyone.

The closed group has had a positive impact on morale.

There have been many other benefits to the group; an increase in covering shifts when there's a shortfall, increased attendance training, increased sharing of good news stories, daily positive patients stories, many messages of thanks to staff, we've had competitions to win prosecco and chocolates.

Improved responses to staff surveys and lots of fun - Christmas door decorating competitions, Easter competitions and raising money for charities and so much more!!

The biggest success of the group has been the ability to communicate to all staff during the cyber attack, to be able to keep staff updated on plans and progress had a huge impact. Without this staff would not have known about procedures in place and the Trust received significant number of staff volunteering their services.

Our Facebook group 'ULHT Together' has done exactly what the name says and brought us together.
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