RWarp-It - an upcycling portal

Warp-It is our Trusts's upcycling/recycling/freecycling solution.

Warp-It gets the best value out of waste resources by finding owners for items that otherwise be disposed of.

We have so much spare furniture such as desks, chairs, filing cabinets etc.

The portal is available to all staff and the idea is they can advertise unwanted furniture etc, all staff have access to the portal and can browse for wanted items.

The portal is quite intelligent in that it calculates savings made through not buying a new item, it also calculates C02 (kg) saved and waste avoided (kg)

  • Acute
  • Acute > Fabulous Stuff
  • Acute > Delivering efficiency savings
  • Leadership and Management
  • Leadership and Management > Fabulous Stuff
  • Leadership and Management > Delivering efficiency savings
  • Primary Care
  • Primary Care > Fabulous Stuff
  • Primary Care > Delivering efficiency savings
  • Community Services
  • Community Services > Fabulous Stuff
  • Community Services > Delivering efficiency savings
  • Mental Health
  • Mental Health > Fabulous Stuff
  • Mental Health > Delivering efficiency savings
  • Social Care
  • Social Care > Fabulous Stuff
  • Social Care > Delivering efficiency savings
  • Commissioning and Procurement
  • Commissioning and Procurement > Fabulous Stuff
  • Commissioning and Procurement > Delivering efficiency savings
  • GreenerCare
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