RoseVital® Trays to aid sleep, speed up recovery and fight infection

RoseVital® Trays to aid sleep, speed up recovery and fight infection featured image
Roario with tray photo compressed versionPatients on an elective surgical ward  at West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust in Bury St Edmunds Suffolk were failing to get a good nights’ sleep which affected their recovery and extended their stay in hospital.

A Health Care Assistant, Rosario Preston, saw there was a problem and thought about a solution – she came up with the idea of a small tray containing wet wipes and a pack of ear plugs, to be given to every new patient on admission. The patients would be encouraged to use the wet wipes before and after meals to reduce the possibility of infection (some patients were bed-bound post- surgery) and to use the ear plugs at night to aid their sleep.


Complaints about Noise at Night have significantly reduced, which means more patients are sleeping well and have a speedier recovery

Length of stay has been reduced

Patients are very positive about the trays and use them to store other personal items, such as glasses

The scope of the items placed on the trays will be extended to include eye masks

The RoseVital® name and logo was registered as a trade mark on 25.11.14

The RoseVital® trays were added to all wards shopping lists via Purchasing in October 2015

rose-vitalPatient testimonials:

“A simple idea but so effective. What really impressed me was the complimentary ear plugs as in the last three years I have been a patient at West Suffolk Hospital  and Addenbrookes and have always taken my own. Wards are busy and noisy places, especially at night when sound seems to travel and echo. Ten out of ten to whoever implemented this idea.”

“I am a very light sleeper so when I saw the ear plugs in my tray I thought what a really marvellous idea and how helpful to all patients.”

“I must say what a brilliant idea it is and how handy. We can keep ourselves nice and fresh after an operation because we cannot get out of bed. Hospitals tend to be noisy at night so the ear plugs are great. Keep up the good work, it makes the stay in hospital much nicer.”
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