Review the NHS Bursary

As a student nurse who is seconded, I am, financially, far more secure than my peers. My colleagues work 70-80 hour weeks to provide for their families in order to realise their ambition of becoming a nurse.

The NHS bursary is placing an enormous amount of pressure on student nurses and midwives who are already undertaking a course that demands huge time commitments.

I started a petition asking that the government review the current provision, and give student nurses and midwives a living wage in recognition of the placement hours we work. This has nearly 10,000 signatures, and thousands of comments from struggling students.

In light of this, I have been asked to assist in a national union campaign to increase the governments awareness of the issue and realise the pressure they are placing upon their future health care force, something I am very proud of and will work tirelessly to try and bring about a transformation.

I feel so passionately about this, and the current system just isn't taking into account the health and welfare of students. Something needs to change, and I sincerely hope that my efforts will see this happen.
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