Report: Addressing health inequalities in heart valve disease

Through national benchmarking of transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) intervention rates, the South London Cardiac Operational Delivery Network (ODN) identified significant variation in access to TAVI in parts of South East London. When reviewing demographic factors we calculated the TAVI intervention rate in the White population is eight times higher than in the Black population, even when controlling for other factors such as age.

To understand this, the ODN collaborated with Mabadiliko CIC to undertake extensive community engagement with Black African and Caribbean people living in South East London to better understand attitudes and awareness of heart valve disease as well as barriers to care.

The report, "Addressing inequalities in heart valve disease", provides insight and recommendations on what we can do, including the need for our healthcare system to sensitively consider ethnicity, lifestyle and environment of patients – treating each patient as a holistic person. This insight is applicable across all disciplines, and the network is working with ICBs and members to progress the report recommendations.

You can read and download the full report HERE

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