A new COVID-secure telehealth service has been developed which ensures people take their medicines correctly.

Of those using PAMAN, 97% now take their medicines correctly, compared to the national average of 55% – improving safety, health outcomes and wellbeing.

PAMAN, an internet-based remote medicines management service, also generates significant savings. Across England the service could save tax payers more than £100m every year.

PAMAN was developed by the Stockport-based Medication Support Company in collaboration with Liverpool City Council in a bid to help people better manage their medicines.

It does this by giving people access to pharmacists at the touch of a button from their own homes. These pharmacists are able to talk to individuals and watch them take their medicines, apply ointments and creams, or use inhalers, advising when necessary.

This replaces the need for carers to make home visits to oversee medicines administration.

The outcomes have been remarkable.

Of those using PAMAN:

• 97% now take their medicines correctly, compared to the national average of 55%, reducing hospital admissions and medicine wastage;

• Replacing carer visits with the PAMAN service has reduced costs by 80%, and created more carer capacity for under-staffed services;

• Service users have a better quality of life, with many reporting improved independence, confidence and feelings of safety.

Norman Niven, a community pharmacist and founder of the Medication Support Company, said: “We are immensely proud of PAMAN, which is now supporting hundreds of people across Merseyside and Cheshire to take their medicines correctly and safely, both at home and within intermediate care facilities. It has been shown to improve health outcomes, and by doing so, reduce footfall to NHS services. Given COVID and the need to keep patients and staff safe, this has never been so important.

“People who use PAMAN say the service gives them independence, makes them feel safer and reduces isolation. We have been astonished by the difference it's made to people’s lives.”

Ann Williams, Liverpool City Council’s commissioning and contract manager, said: “PAMAN is really easy to roll-out. The technology is affordable, it’s simple to use and staff training requirements are minimal.

“The service has helped the NHS and council to make significant and sustainable savings. Moreover, it has made a huge difference to people’s quality of life by giving them more independence. We have had many positive comments from service users and their families about PAMAN.

“Services like this are also helping health and social care to work much more closely as an integrated team across Liverpool.”

• For more information about PAMAN log onto:


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