Rapid Process Improvement Workshop at Glenfield Hospital leads to sustained improvement for patients

The Emergency Care Improvement Support Team (ECIST) recently supported a Rapid Process Improvement Workshop (RPIW) at Glenfield Hospital, which is part of University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust

The RPIW was held on the Clinical Decisions Unit (CDU) and its aim was to reduce delays for patients on their journey through the unit.

The 3-day Rapid Improvement Event format consisted of an initial current state overview using data to demonstrate an accurate and evidence-based picture of the process

The RPIW team, consisting of members of the CDU MDT, used this background information to generate over 30 ideas for improvement, which were rationalised down to 10 focused workstreams.  These were rapidly tested over the following 2.5 days, alongside the teams working on CDU

The tests used the Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA) model to identify which ideas worked, which needed further adaptation, or which were no longer a viable option

An RPIW is a highly intensive focus on specific improvement opportunities, which are then be further developed post-event, using a continuous improvement mindset.

Key achievements of the week were:

  • Senior clinical decision maker at the front door reducing patient delays
  • Increased utilisation of SDEC function
  • Daily 9am MDT co-ordinating huddle
  • Discharge MDT ward rounds established to develop early flow
  • TTO process to complete action in flow rather that batch and delay
  • Early pull from base ward for admitted patients
  • Improved clinical plans, use of EDD and better links to medication transfer

Just over 30 days post-event, the tests of change are continuing, and the improvements made are being sustained.  Further opportunities for improvement are now being identified and the team are using their new continuous improvement mindset to test these out.

The success of the RPIW comes down to the commitment and involvement of the people who do the work every day.  Just by giving them the time, space and opportunity to resolve their own long-standing problems, changes the way improvements can be sustained.  This leads to greater sense of achievement, ownership and improved morale.

Listen to members of the Glenfield Hospital RPIW team talk about the event on the ECIST YouTube channel

Respiratory Consultant Daniela Nicoara and Cardiology Consultant Hala Sharaf share their thoughts

For more information on running Rapid Process Improvement Workshops in your own organisation, contact Nick Holding on [email protected] and @wolvesboy on Twitter

For information on the Glenfield Hospital RPIW, contact

Suzanne Khalid, Clinical Director:  suzanne.[email protected]    @Khalid_Suzanne

Helen Crossley, Transformation Lead:  [email protected]     @helencrossley65

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