Providing the #UltimateULHT recruitment team with enabling tools so that they are able to inform recruitment service improvements


Reduce the time taken to get people into post at United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS trust, thereby directly contributing to enhancing our patient experience.

Aims and objectives:

 Engagement of the team to ensure they are confident and believe they can actively inform the service improvements.

 Equip the team with change management tools to enable their input.

 Meet as a whole team (two sites) and work on joint activities, challenging each other and sharing ideas and so develop the team to work as ‘One Team’.


 The team increasingly participate utilising their strengths to progress with the project.

 Increased integration between both teams and all individuals.

What I have done:

 Early engagement with 2021 Programme Hub to understand the Trust Change methodology.

 Secured a Programme Delivery Manager, quickly built an effective working relationship with regular updates throughout the programme and subsequently to ‘output stage’.

 Early engagement with Team Leader to ensure ownership and input to programme priorities.

 Ensured three way joint facilitation to ensure bridge between recruitment consultant, recruitment team leader and programme facilitator.

 Fit for purpose ‘as is’ mapping process (outcome).

 Fit for purpose ‘should be’ mapping process (outcome).

Tools used:

 Thinking creatively.

 Project management.

 Cause and effect.

 Understanding and using process mapping technique.

 Kubler-Ross change curve.

 Personal styles.

 Stakeholder approach.

 Six hats.


 Development of a streamlined process map documented with key performance indicators.

Next steps:

 Sign off of the ‘should be’ process map that will streamline the process to ensure improvement and reduction of time taken to recruit people.

Karen Gates, Recruitment Team Leader

[email protected]

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