Praise For Lincolnshire's Sexual Health Service

The Sexual Health Service in Lincolnshire has been praised for providing a high standard of quality and care to patients. The service received an 'A grade' - the highest ranking of excellence where the provider is said to be striving to be a leader in the field - following an inspection where staff and patients were asked about their experiences.

It was assessed on five key areas: assessment and support planning; security, health and safety; safeguarding and protection from abuse; fair access, diversity and inclusion and client involvement and empowerment.

The Sexual Health Service, provided by Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust (LCHS), provides confidential and non-judgemental advice, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and health promotion for all aspects of sexual health. The inspection was carried out by a team from Public Health at Lincolnshire County Council, who commission the service.

The service was praised for:
  • listening to feedback and implementing positive changes for patients
  • being able to jointly work with other staff and agencies
  • actively making services available for patients to receive further assessments, support or treatment
  • calls outside of the Central Booking Line opening hours are captured on an answer machine, and then returned the next morning
  • regular meetings and training is provided to keep staff updated on safeguarding; patients are given opportunities to play an active role in shaping current and future service provision.
Linda Dennett, Head of Clinical Services for Family and Healthy Lifestyle Services at LCHS, said: "It was wonderful to receive commendation for staff from teams across Lincoln, Boston, Grantham and Skegness Sexual Health Clinics, who were praised by inspectors for providing a high standard of quality and care to patients'.

'We were also particularly proud to hear positive comments about the Central Booking Line and that patients felt at every stage of their treatment they understood the information given and the process they needed to follow. Going forward we will continue to engage with patients about where we can improve to provide the very best service."

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