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My Pledge is to launch “Pop up Bedrooms” to enhance the environment for patients at the End of their Lives.

To dedicate rooms for End of Life Care isn’t an option in a busy Acute Hospital due to the pressure on beds.

Also our patients and their families build up relationships with the team caring for them and to move them at such a difficult time would be detrimental to these relationships and continuity of care.

The aim of the Pop up Bedrooms is to enhance the environment from clinical to relaxing for both the patient and their families.

The bedroom scheme consists of a screen which can be used along a wall or as a divider depicting woodland scenes, a sunset, local Derbyshire scenes, a poppy field and Mecca or the Golden Temple of Amaritz.

A recliner chair to enable relatives to stay by the bedside of their loved one, a calming moodlight, a comfort pack for relatives giving information, free parking, vouchers for the restaurant.

Relatives are invited to bring favourite items I.e a throw or pillow for the bed.

Pets are encouraged to visit or a therapy dog if the patient would like this.

The airarts team will visit to play music if requested.

This pledge has been launched to coincide with Dying Matters week 2018 : The theme being : What can you do?
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