Pledging to drive innovation in the North West Coast region

Pledging to drive innovation in the North West Coast region featured image
Our pledge is…. to continue to spread and broaden the scope of innovative practices, products and services with our health, academic and business partners and communities by actively supporting and promoting innovation in health and social care in our region.

As the Academic Health Science Network for the North West Coast, the Innovation Agency makes this pledge to support our work improving health and generating economic growth regionally and nationally through the AHSN Network.

We will:

• Accelerate delivery of safer, better care

• Develop a network of health innovation centres

• Support economic growth through SMEs and industry

• Drive digital innovation, empowering citizens and workforce

We will also continue to create an environment where innovation can flourish, enabling stakeholders to take greater risks, do things differently, and share resources and skills across organisations so that innovation can be created, adopted and evaluated.

In addition, we will support the broader development and promotion of the North West Coast as an area which houses advanced skills, systems and infrastructure for health innovation, and to enhance the success of the region for attracting investment and resource to support further development.

We enjoy showcasing some of the great innovations being used in our region through our ‘iBags’ – shoulder bags containing samples of products such as MyDiagnostick; the Episcissors 60; 3D printed organs; a health tracker – and a bar of carbolic soap to illustrate the House of Memories dementia app!

These bags bring innovation to life for our health care stakeholders and we will add to the contents – helping the innovators to spread great products and our health partners to see what’s available.
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