Pledges and hashtags #FabChangeDay - a Change recipe for success

In the last week TheBlonde has been making final preparations for her #FabChangeDay . Part of those preparations entailed revisiting the evaluation of last years Change Day.

One of the key recommendations from the Change Day 2015 evaluation was the importance of  building more of an “aftercare” strategy to ensure that the change people intended to make happen actually does happen and that this is captured to show the full value of Change Day Activities.

To facilitate the support for each person pledging, to ensure they get the help they need to complete their planned change, we needed to think differently.

We needed a method of communicating directly with people making pledges, to encourage, support and offer help.

img_2505Thats where the #FabChangeDay app comes in

By pledging via the app we can offer just that support. Change is messy in the middle, it can be frustrating and challenging. We pledge to help people through the messy middle. Supporting you, where we can, sharing and making each pledge a valuable, precious contribution to better care.

Once completed, the app allows us to share the Change and its outcomes, allows us to share what worked and what didn't work as well, to learn from each other.

We don’t want to change Change Day; we want to change the impact it has. Amplify its influence and sustain its purpose. A year of change, building on the inspiration of a day of fun and action.

October 19th is the start of a year of ideas into action.

img_2506By using the pledge app and when tweeting, using #FabChangeDay and  the specific campaign hashtags, we can amplify the impact of your change.

With two days to go, please join us in using the unique opportunity of Change Day 2016, to create an action, make promise and fulfill a pledge. Small and simple, ambitious and complicated; we are here to help you to make your mark.

Join in on Social Media, tweet alongside the #WeCommunities (our social media partners for a year of ideas into action) use the hashtag #FabChangeDay and let everyone know what you are doing and in doing so be the change.

We are all enjoying the great tradition of a social movement that has no purpose other than to share the best, do our best and be the best.

What’s not to like. Join in. Be Blonde and Change Something


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