PAHT Student Improvement Partners

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The aim of my project was to organise a week’s placement to give six BMAT STEM students the opportunity to work alongside different teams within the hospital achieving the following objectives:

- Supporting students in their education by providing work based opportunities to develop their experience and understanding .

Apply their learning and education to the real working environments in the National Health Service (NHS).

- Gain insight about employment opportunities in the NHS by busting the myth that the NHS is just about doctors and nurses.

- For students to work alongside Service Mentors in making informed (evidence based) recommendations for future service improvement and transformation.

- Students to gain knowledge of quality and service improvement in a work based environment.


  • Leadership and Management
  • Leadership and Management > Quality and Performance
  • Leadership and Management > Quality and Performance > QI
  • Leadership and Management > Workforce
  • Leadership and Management > Workforce > recruitment initiatives
  • Campaigns
  • Campaigns > #FabChange19
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