The OT cognitive and functional assessment clinic

2015-06-05_55717ec1c6baa_logo.jpgWhat did the project involve? This team piloted a cognitive and functional assessment clinic as a more efficient and timely way of undertaking the referrals for cognitive and functional assessments for the dementia diagnosis pathway. They invited the individuals into the hospital where the OTs were based so they could receive a cognitive assessment, a functional assessment as well as an interview regarding their daily habits and routines and their current level of occupational performance.

How does it improve patient care? The greatest benefit of the clinics are people are being seen quickly and receiving a high quality service. Individuals are being signposted onto other supports and services if appropriate and they are also getting access to various evidence-based treatments and interventions provided by the OT service at a much earlier stage in their illness which is extremely beneficial as it allow OTs to promote supported self management.

Shared learning The assessment clinic model is extremely transferrable to other organisations, and is being used as a model in other health boards nationally. All the work on the piloting, paperwork, leaflets have been done by the staff in Fife who are extremely enthusiastic to discuss the assessment clinic model with colleagues and share the knowledge and resources they have so that others can gain the same successes as they have had in designing and applying this model.

Project leads: Lynn Dorman (head occupational therapist) and Norma Clark (AHP clinical services manager), NHS Fife

Find out more For more information, email [email protected] or call 01592 648185
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