Optimising medicines discharge to improve patient flow

These services can include but are not limited to:

- Pharmacist prescribers in admissions units and wards.

- Pharmacists or pharmacist prescribers writing discharge prescriptions. This can be done on one stop ward rounds to prevent batching (see SAFER patient care bundle).

- Pharmacists working hours in acute medical units matching work demands and patient flow into and out of acute units.

- Near patient pharmacy discharge teams.

- Pharmacy technicians/dispensing assistants embedded in ward teams to improve communication, counselling and supply.

- Pharmacy staff on board rounds.

- Pharmacy workforce hours which reflect decision making times on the ward e.g. start at 8am if the board round starts at 8.30am.

- Pharmacy pre-admission clinics.

- Seven day clinical pharmacy services to high admission/discharge areas to reduce delays to discharges overthe weekend and on Mondays.


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