NUH memory menu

Patients and the public are being given the chance to put forward their favourite local meals and those from their childhood to be part of a new initiative - NUH memory menu.

We hope by adding popular nostalgic meals to put menu we will encourage patients to eat and help their recovery as well help older patients with dementia eat well and provide a lift to others being treated in hospital.

We recognise that when people are in hospital their appetite can be affected so we are trying to make sure we have as many tempting options on our menus as possible.

NUH is responsible for producing the 1,800 meals that the Trust prepares for patients each day using fresh local ingredients and are keen to hear what the public want to see on the menu.

We felt It was important that we speak with our service users to make sure we are offering meals that they want to eat, as well as being nutritionally balanced and playing a part in a speedier recovery.

Patients and the public were asked to submit suggestions and it was a thumbs up for old fashioned comfort food and comforting desserts.

The current menu is currently being reviewed so we can ensure we include as many of the suggested dishes as possible
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