Not in my job description

85 - 1 pledge wallHello. My name is Carolyn Nelson and I work at Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust. For Change Day 2014, I pledged to do at least one thing every week of the year that is “not in my job description”.

Doing my job, improving my job, and improving how other people are able to do their job is important to me.

In my clinical leadership role, there are times when things need to be done in new ways to get better outcomes. Working “above the line” and “going the extra mile” are qualities I try to role model, and in my experience, working in this way has led to the best improvements and changes in practice – all leading to my passion: improved care for patients. My 2014 pledge helps me to reflect on the little things that made a difference.

My “day job” is Head of Medicines Management for Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust. This involves leading, providing and developing the strategic direction for Medicines Management for Leeds Community Health Services in accordance with national and local priorities.

My role includes providing specialist knowledge and expertise regarding the safe and effective management of medicines, interpreting national strategy and policy around the use of medicines and leading local implementation.

Below are some of the examples of things I have done during 2014 that were “not in my day job”…
  • w/c 3 February 2014
Started a Change Day pledge board at Trust HQ, including provision of post cards to write on, pens to write with and pins to add cards to the board. Staff then added their pledges without being asked to, or told what to do.
  • w/c 3 March 2014
Facilitated a discussion with Community Nursing staff about changing their approach to patient assessment and review.
  • w/c 7 Apr 2014
Launched our organisation Tour de France pedometer challenge, where teams of four people walked 800,000 steps over a four week period in June. Teams recruited, virtual route planned.
  • w/c 9 June 2014
Delivered a training session for the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service on ‘how to do root cause analysis’.
  • w/c 25 August 2014
Attended a meeting with the Membership and Involvement team to discuss a potential ‘mystery shopper’ approach, involving members in the assessment of quality in services.
  • w/c 1 September 2014
Facilitated a Board workshop on quality governance.
  • w/c 8 September 2014
Facilitated a ‘service description’ focus group, bringing together workforce, contracting and Business Managers to agree a joint development process. Template for service descriptions agreed for use within the organisation.
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