Could your campaign be one for NHS Change Day 2015?


Do you have an issue you are passionate about?  Do you work tirelessly to raise awareness of it?  Do you have ideas for change that will bring about a positive impact on patients?

NHS Change Day has always been about supporting individuals to take action to to create a better NHS for patients, families and staff. Several ideas supported by NHS Change Day have turned into campaigns in their own right, including My Wheelchair, Future Focus Finance and Stop the Pressure.

As part of NHS Change Day 2015, we want to support and develop a selection of small to medium sized campaigns in order to raise awareness of issues that affect the NHS.  Could that be the issue you are passionate about and is it time to give a louder voice to your campaign?

This support can include coaching, webinars with a range of experts, media support and promotion, networking and marketing collateral. The purpose of this is to give you the skills and support necessary to create a large impact across the NHS.

In order to understand your vision and where you see your campaign developing, we are asking for interested groups to complete a short synopsis of the issue and aims in order for us to identify the level and type of support that can be given.

This is a great opportunity to utilise the networks and resources of the Change Day Hubbie team, gain greater awareness of your campaign and be supported to develop your campaign further.

Photo by  chintermeyer, on Flickr. Used under licence.

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