New Mums Star Assessment Tool Introduced

Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Lisa Wilson - Family Nurse Supervisor with the Family Nurse Partnership

What have we changed?

Introduced the New Mums Star as an assessment tool which is being currently tested by the FNP National Unit and Dartington Design Lab. The star facilitates structured and collaborative decision making between the nurse and client which involves flexing the content of the FNP programme to meet the needs of the clients, to ensure long term sustainable positive change.

How did this benefit service users and / or staff?

Clients are involved in decision making and action planning on issues that are meaningful to them. They have more autonomy and increased self-efficacy in this client centred approach. The nurses are able to use their skills and clinical judgement in selecting and delivering material. the New Mums star has been a measure used to demonstrate positive sustainable change made by FNP clients.

Why are you proud of your Fab Change 19?

Nurses have been committed and focused in embracing this change in practice, with the shared vision of positive outcomes for our clients and their babies.

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