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As part of the Building a Digital Ready Workforce programme we aim to address the PHC2020 ambition which states that “It is vital that the leaders of all health and care organisations are seen to champion information and digital capability as core enablers of effective decision-making, service quality, safety, effectiveness and efficiency”.

We plan to support senior leaders in health and care achieve this aim through a series of learning resources, including development sessions, webinars, communities of interest and visits to digital exemplars.

Do you have a great story or example of how a #DigitalHero has helped to improve your working life or care?

On #FabChangeDay why not pledge to thank those people and/or digital systems that help you each day and ensure that we are capturing your successes and building on them within our programme.

Thank your colleagues in the NHS and Social Care services who help you and our patients to use new digital devices or systems, thank your colleagues in the IT department who support the systems or provide information for you that help you in your work, thank the digital devices that help you to deliver great care or thank the District Nurses, Care Assistants, Carers and Social Workers who sometimes provide useful information for you that makes you feel better.

Just Tweet #MyDigitalHero on FabChangeDay 19th October and we’ll make certain that they go in our guide to Health and Social Care Digital Heroes which will be launched at EHI Live on November 1st

Here are some of our #DigitalHeroes: Michelle Chew and the Social Care Information Team at Derbyshire CCG 2016-10-12_57fe2a7aa1fab_Picture1


Yvonne Bennett, Secretary of Haughton-Thornley PPG and Dr Amir Hannan – My Digital Heroes for their fab work in making records online following the Shipman Review






Margaret Rickson who sadly died in 2014 and was one of Harold Shipman’s patients but who at the age of 76 after speaking with Amir Hannan went on to learn how to use a computer and then spoke at national conference about her experiences. She was a really, really special person.
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