Movie/Sport days to support patient interaction

Beeston ward is committed to getting patients up and active and one of the ways we do this is via movie/sports days for our patients.

Over the weekend Beeston Ward ensures that they can provide Movie Days or sports days for the patients.

A morning slot and an afternoon slot with either two films showing or a film and sport event (during the World Cup/Wimbledon etc).

The staff bring a TV round to the nurses station and stand it at a height suitable for all patients to view. This gets patients away from the side of their beds, interacting closely with other patients and encouraging conversation and other forms of communication.

It brings a bit of normality into our patients’ lives and improves their experience during their stay - relatives of our patients have commented on how wonderful it is.

During this time we will also serve meals, provide a selection and variety of beverages, snacks that are suitable for that patients dietary requirements.

All patients have a choice of whether or not they would like to join the group or not but usually once a film states those people that originally declined to join will change their mind and join the group once the film or sport starts showing.

For further information contact: Lorraine Hourd (Divisional Nurse) – [email protected]
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