Menopause support

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77% of the NHS workforce and 82% of the social care workforce are women. 

A third of women consider giving up their careers as a result of menopause symptoms. 

There are 34 menopause symptoms, the most common that women seek help for are anxiety and sleeplessness (not hot flushes!) at SNEE (Suffolk and North East Essex ICS) we have set up a menopause support group with over 150 members across the system and growing. 

There is a huge need for this. Our group is called 'MyPause' we hold Teams sessions with different subject experts presenting. 

Happy to share how we set this up and what a positive difference it can make to the female workforce. 

We eagerly await the publication of the women's health strategy (due end of summer 2021) and how to support our female workforce further


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