Meet a recruitment and retention real life wizard........

Recruitment and retention - buzz words? 

Something that very organisation in the NHS is focussing on but has the risk of becoming a tick box exercise?

Need some inspiration ?

I recently discovered the work of Carol Forde-Johnson, Carol is the Recruitment and Retention Lead in Oxford University Hospitals Foundation Trust.

Carol has written an invaluable book -How to Thrive as a Newly Qualified Nurse

How to Thrive as a Newly Qualified Nurse provides a structured programme of support for nursing students and newly qualified nurses during their first year qualified. 

Packed with practical examples, tips and advice, and featuring vignettes from recently qualified nurses, this book will help you to:
* Choose your first nursing post and secure the job you really want
* Structure your learning and development in the early stages of your career
* Work in a team, prioritise your care-giving and delegate to others
* Understand safe staffing, patient acuity and dependency tools, care planning, and risk assessment tools
* Learn how to escalate concerns and report incidents.

Here’s what some of our student and NQN reviewers said:“The writing style and tone of voice is just right, it reads as though I'm having a conversation with a knowledgeable, trusted friend.”

“I noticed that it answered many of the questions I was always embarrassed to ask as I thought I should have already known those things.”

“I have wanted a book that covers the information provided in this book and have been unable to find one. I think this book will be an incredibly useful resource.”

Carol's compassion and humanity shine through in this book. It's easy to read and answers the common concerns and questions that newly qualified nurses have. 

If you work in recruitment and retention and havent read this, well.... consider this a recommendation. You can find the book 


You can find Carol on twitter @FordeJohnston

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