Mask on Mask of: Diamond Activity and Therapeutic LD Service at RDaSH

With the reopening of Diamond Activity & Therapeutic Services for adults with a learning disability at Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust, all our staff will be wearing masks throughout the day.

We have found this might be an issue for some service users that attend our service, who might find it strange and it may be difficult in them recognising staff members. 

To try and make it easier for service users to adjust we are using laminated photos of staff, with a mask on, on one side, and without a mask on the other.

These photos are laminated so can be wiped cleaned. One is small enough for staff to carry around, and used when needed. One is A4 size to be used in various games and activities.

We are also encouraging staff to try and communicate using body language and vocal expression in a more enhanced way to compensate for the mask mouth covering.

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