Mandatory Training........Fun?

Mandatory Training........Fun? featured image

Some of the Scotter Ward team attended their annual mandatory training day last month.

This year the format was very different. We all embraced this ingenious way of learning and Ward Sister Donna who is also a fab ambassador spoke to one of the education and workforce managers Emma Lee and asked her if she could share their story.

Here it is.... Mandatory Training ………… Fun?

It can be – at Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust we have the challenge as does everyone to make mandatory training engaging and fresh each year.

In the past we have used patient based scenario training mixed with traditional lectures but this year we decide to embrace the ‘You Matter’ mantra of our organisation and use a staff member based scenario along with some interactive games to reinforce the key messages whilst still fulfilling the learning outcomes in accordance with the Core Skills Training Framework.

Rather than lectures for each subject we have used gameshow templates to pose questions for the group which both tests existing knowledge but also facilitates new learning, updates and underpinning information to be shared.

This approach is inclusive and does produce some healthy competition and lively debate which makes the day engaging and fun at the same time.

Feedback from staff has been very positive, here are just a few comments: “ I enjoyed the games, they were informative and fun” “Games keep it interesting and fun” “Excellent use of interaction and a good atmosphere to learn” “Enjoyed the training much better than previous years , with interactive games to keep us interested , much better now “ “Games very good keeps the interest up and gets you thinking about the topic” “Best mandatory so far” “Good to apply knowledge to scenarios and quizzes”

We are already planning for next year a course which is just as much fun to deliver as to receive!

If you wish to know more the education team can be contacted on 01522 308996 Or on their Twitter page @LCHSEduTraining Or on their Facebook page @LCHSeducationtraining

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