Major Trauma Centre (MTC) Nurse One and Followership course Royal London Emergency Department Developing world class nursing skills in a world class MTC

Major Trauma Centre (MTC) Nurse One and Followership course Royal London Emergency Department Developing world class nursing skills in a world class MTC featured image
Being one of the largest MTC’s in the country I wanted to develop a course that met the needs of trauma patients and delivered an educational package that was relevant, contemporary and research based to nurses in the Emergency Department (ED); a course that went beyond the conventions of current training models. It also needed to meet the NHS criteria for MTCs and NICE guidelines.

Therefore the course was delivered in the form of workshops, teaching sessions, Simulation and set up days . It addressed not only the anatomy and physiology of trauma but considers complex needs patients, the importance of breaking bad news, human factors and the non technical skills of the trauma team. All of this was done collaboratively with the ED team, Education Academy, Trauma Service, London Trauma System and colleagues at QMUL.

Experts from Pre-Hospital Medicine, EM Consultants, Trauma and Neuro surgeons, SIM fellows, as well as ED senior nurses all formed part of the faculty. I was supported and guided by colleagues from the London Trauma Network and QMUL. All of which meant candidates teaching and learning was delivered in an innovative and dynamic environment; whilst still meeting local and national guidelines.

Feedback from the faculty and candidates has been very positive. It will be running at least annually for the foreseeable future. The next step will be getting academic accreditation, whilst continually adapting to the ever evolving landscape of trauma patient management and treatment.

This course has only run once so impact is not easy to measure at this point. However, quick wins include enhanced working relationships within the trauma team; confident, well trained nurses, who are eager to learn and recognise the crucial role they play in caring for trauma patients in this major trauma centre. These nurses truly value what it is to look after a trauma patient, meet not only their physical needs, but understand that the ED is the first step in a potentially life changing event for our patients. Getting it right and supporting them from the very first contact is what this course sets out to embed. Nurses here in the Royal London Hospital have time and money invested in their development, an investment for the future. Patients have nurses who are holistically prepared for them and their needs, and who also have the skills and confidence to provide that care in the most stressful of environments.

For further information contact Trish Burton | Practice Development Nurse, Emergency Department, Ground Floor, North & Central Tower, Royal London Hosptial| Acute and Family Services | Barts Health NHS Trust | Tel: 0207 377 7000 ext 40052/Bleep 0914| [email protected]
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