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Community Catalysts is a social enterprise that works across the UK so that people who need care or support can be part of strong, inclusive communities with opportunities to connect and contribute. We help people and policy makers deliver the transformational change needed to make this possible.

As part of our work, we develop Local Area Coordination in England and Wales through our Local Area Coordination Network.

Local Area Coordination is an evidence-based, practical approach, based on a framework of key principles. It works by:

- Supporting people and families to achieve their vision of a good life, using their gifts and making their contribution

- Helping communities to be self-supporting and to flourish

- Transforming systems, building bridges and strengthening relationships between citizens, communities and services

Through the Local Area Coordination Network, Community Catalysts works with Local Authorities to help them understand, position, design and implement Local Area Coordination. Local Authorities employ Local Area Coordinators who “walk alongside” people and their families in local communities of around 10,000 people. This hyper-local approach means Local Area Coordinators are accessible to all and can work collaboratively with local services.

Local Area Coordination supports people to stay strong and prevents a need for service intervention by building on personal strengths and by finding natural support through local relationships. It also, reduces costs to the system as a result of people requiring less assessment, intervention and expensive ongoing care.

As well as developing new sites for Local Area Coordination, our Network brings together current Local Area Coordination teams for ongoing peer support, shared learning, resources and training.

Find out more about Local Area Coordination and the Local Area Coordination Network: HERE

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