Lights, Camera, Action!

In the Improvement and Transformation Team at Addenbrookes Hospital, we asked team members to take a photo of something important to them for discussion at a team meeting:

1) Something that has been important to you / helped you specifically during lockdown (e.g. your pet)

2) Something that is of personal importance to you (e.g. a piece of jewellery, a book, a photo, a person etc.)

3) Something that you are thankful / grateful for

Then each team member said a little bit about their photo and what it meant to them. 

The activity was received well and we had lots of positive feedback. 

Not only did it allow people time to reflect but also enabled colleagues to learn a bit more about each other and it supported team bonding. 

It provided an opportunity for compassion, understanding and it was noted that colleagues were more open and honest than in previous meetings. 

The photo's were put into a presentation and we also made a collage of photos.

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