Kindness and Positivity - reflecting on learning

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Today, our quality improvement (QI) media and communications officer Jane Barlow took part in a kindness and positivity workshop hosted by the Academy of Fab NHS Stuff, which was held as part of #FabChange21.

Below are Jane’s personal reflections from the day.

Did you know that your mood can affect hundreds or even thousands of others, during the course of just one day?

It was one of the fascinating facts I discovered when I took part in a kindness and positivity workshop, which was hosted by the Fab Academy of NHS Stuff when they held their #FabChange21 festival.

The workshop was led by Paul Devlin, a fab academy ambassador and a member of the NHS England and NHS Improvement elective and emergency care improvement support team. He explained that kindness is contagious, but unsurprisingly, that negativity is too. He explained about the ripple effect and just how easily and fast positivity or negativity can spread. He explained how one act, could affect the day of the 20 people you might come into contact with, how that would then affect the mood of the people they came into contact with and how very quickly, 8,000 people could be influenced, in a day.

Paul gave five top tips for spreading kindness and positivity:

  • Do at least one thing for yourself each day
  • Limit the amount of time you spend with people who you know often lower your mood
  • When something happens, you can decide how to respond to it
  • Watch yourself as if you were watching someone else. What would you say to yourself?
  • Take control of your own destiny.

You can read Jane's complete reflective article  HERE

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