Inspiring students doing wonderful work everyday

Inspiring students doing wonderful work everyday featured image
As part of my role as a a professor of healthcare modelling I provide academic supervision to advanced practice registered nurses and other health professionals undertaking their research projects in the NHS.

I am always astounded by the amazing people I meet. They are conscientious, caring compassion and intelligent. They run services with little credit or recognition for their work. They basically get on with meeting patients needs everyday in the NHS. Their work varies from pre-hospital care through to running diagnostic services, palliative care, mental health, long term conditions and other vital case management function in the NHS both in the acute sector and the community.

Despite enormous challenges they just get on with it-they are pivotal to services and still manage to smile! This photo is the first cohort of physiotherapists and podiatrists undertaking the post graduate prescribing course. Amazing people doing amazing things.
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