Inspiring, promoting and developing a modern scientific workforce with the patient at the centre


 What did the project involve? The Cardiac Diagnostic Unit at University Hospital South Manchester (UHSM) has fully engaged with Modernising Scientific Careers (MSC). UHSM Cardiology has used the skills and expertise within the department to provide innovative roles that lead, inspire and develop a truly modern scientific workforce that extends past cardiology into other physiological science themes.

How does it improve patient care? The unit’s workforce profile has demonstrated a significant shift with a much more balanced age work profile within the department whilst ensuring they maintain the highest level of expertise/knowledge and experience to ensure a high-quality, sustainable service delivery to patients. The department is committed to improving patient care by inspiring the future workforce and developing existing staff to challenge and innovate their working practice.

Shared learning The model in place at UHSM is easily transferable to other departments. It is paramount that as the team inspire the current and future workforce, they encourage them to develop their ‘traditional’ roles and align to newer more challenging career pathways. In achieving this, the team hope that others may follow suit by forging similar relationships with academia, national professional bodies and local HCS workforce groups. As such, they strive to set a good example for both the current and future HCS workforce. The approach they take is transferable and simply requires good leadership and an understanding of underpinning elements.

The project team Keith Pearce (consultant cardiac physiologist), Martin Stout (clinical academic cardiac scientist) and Andrea Arnold (North West clinical tutor cardiology), University Hospital of South Manchester NHS Foundation Trust

Find out more For more information, email [email protected] or call 0161 291 4609

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