Inspirational improvement schemes launch at Trust

Inspirational improvement schemes launch at Trust featured image
Earlier this month, University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust (UHMBT) launched 12 new improvement schemes in what is the sixth wave of its Listening into Action (LiA) and Improvement work.

Building on two years of improvements and engagement with staff, LiA empowers all staff to make the changes that they think will improve not only the services the Trust offers to patients but also the experience of staff working in its hospitals.

The schemes are an eclectic mix from introducing Nurse Controlled Analgesia (used to numb areas on the body) to improving conditions for children experiencing severe pain, particularly those undergoing surgery; and treating nausea and vomiting in pregnancy as a day treatment.

Liz McDougall, Associate Director of Improvement and LiA, said: “It’s fantastic to see the continued dedication and enthusiasm of our staff to make improvements, as it shows that our teams are committed to providing the best care and experience they can. “Many of the staff who have joined us in this wave are new to the approach and will be able to learn new skills in delivering improvements that they can then use going forward in their day to day work.”

The other improvement schemes that are part of Wave 6 are:

•Clinical supervision for general nursing staff

•A focus on improving communication, engagement and understanding between the Resuscitation department and the clinical divisions in the Trust

•Working across different departments to improve support for trainees

•Ambulatory Care Unit focusing on patients with abdominal pain

•Production of a daily ward round checklist / electronic note

•Improving and streamlining the recruitment process

•Strengthening patient engagement on the Children’s Ward at the RLI

•Improving the flow across the emergency floor, the expected date patients will be discharged, and the clinical criteria for discharge

•Production of colour coded trays and beakers to improve patient safety

•A focus on ensuring a summary of the care received whilst in hospital is sent to the patients’ GP when children discharged from hospital quickly to improve communication with primary care Staff at UHMBT marked two years since the Trust launched Listening into Action earlier this month see our Twitter page.

Some of the previous schemes that have been successful at the Trust include: •Improving outcomes for patients with Acute Kidney Injury

•Improving Phlebotomy Services at the RLI

•A Diabetes hub for North Lancashire

•A Behavioural Standards Framework

•Improving care for patients with Dementia

To find out more about our Wave 6 schemes watch our animation at
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