Inpatient Laundry Service

The Stroke Shared Governance Council wanted to have a wardrobe of donated clothes for patients to use and keep so that they weren’t sat in hospital use pyjamas.

As the council began to gain donations and set this up for the stroke service they realised that it would be a wonderful thing to be able to wash these clothes so that they could be worn again and again.

Through discussions with various departments the Stroke shared governance council we able to get the old laundry service back up and functioning again. This has meant we have been able to wash patient’s clothes and have them sat up and dressed for longer periods of time or even all of the time.

This project has helped Stroke patients so wonderfully that it has meant our patients have been able to rehabilitate further. It has been part of the reason for the fact a patient has been able to go home instead of to a nursing home.

We are now sharing the progress we have made and opening this service to the trust, beginning with an infectious diseases ward, whose patients are frequently homeless.

The opportunities and repercussions this small idea has had, have reached so very far making a significant difference to patients’ lives.

For further information please contact: Heidi O’Ryan (Deputy Sister) Heidi.O'[email protected] Paula Charlton (Soft FM Performance & QA Compliance Officer) [email protected] Maggie Breslin (Healthcare Assistant) [email protected] Ann-Marie Riley (Deputy Chief Nurse) [email protected]
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