Improving Patient Experience in Clinical Engineering using a 3D print #UltimateULHT

A patient on the autism spectrum was presented with a need to carry out serial echocardiograms.

To make the scan a more comfortable procedure, the clinical staff were advised to carry out a desensitizing programme by the patient’s psychologist. 

The idea was to provide the patient with an opportunity to get comfortable with the ultrasound probe to be used during procedure and prevent any undue stress or rejection of procedure.

Clinical Engineering, not having any old probes available, provided an excellent alternative to 3D print a duplicate of the probe. 

The 3D printer in Clinical Engineering was used to produce a model of the probe by our engineer, using specifications of the original probe to match the appearance, dimensions and weight. The probe was painted to replicate the original and a skin safe silicone was used on the tip of the probe that comes into contact with the skin during procedure.

In doing the above, Clinical Engineering used innovation and its 3D printing capability to provide a safe and effective solution, showing compassion and respect for the patient and improving the patient experience at a cost impact of under £1 (20p for materials used and electricity to print).

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