How to promote an anti-racist culture in social work - Wayne Reid

How to promote an anti-racist culture in social work - Wayne Reid featured image

Wayne Reid sets out his advice for social work leaders in tackling racism within their organisations and the profession as a whole

Following the constructive feedback received on my article on UK social work’s response to the killing of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement, I’ve been ruminating about clear actions that social work educators, employers and key stakeholders can take to promote anti-racism.

My aim in this article is to outline some practical (and skeletal) ideas for social work organisations to consider. I will use the terms people of colour (POC) and Black and ethnic minority interchangeably for ease. Again, I write this article from my own viewpoint, not on behalf of all Black and ethnic minority people or social workers – as we are not a homogenous group.

Also, I’m by no means an expert in organisational development/leadership, but I do consider myself as an ‘expert with lived experience’ of personal and professional racism in life and in social work. These are purely my opinions.For other perspectives, I would recommend Dr Gurnham Singh(@gurnamskhela), Hari Sewell (@consultancy_hs), Guilaine Kinouani (@kguilaine) and Dr Muna Abdi (@muna_abdi_phd).

Wayne Reid, BASW England professional officer and social worker

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