Hexitime - The Timebank for Improving Health and Care

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A unique skill exchange platform has been launched to help healthcare professionals work together to improve the quality of health and care services across the UK. Hexitime gives members a platform to exchange skills and earn time credits.

The platform is funded by the Health Foundation and led by members of the Q Community - a member network of health and care improvement specialists and special interest groups. It is hoped that the online platform will harness the skills, enthusiasm and expertise from over 3,000 Q community members and beyond.

Speaking about the new platform, John Lodge, Head of Quality Improvement for the London region at NHS Improvement, says, “I am passionate about supporting people in the Health and Social Care system to improve services together. This platform will allow us all to benefit from the vast amount of untapped potential in our skills and experiences to do this".

The team behind Hexitime are working with technology partner Made Open, who have created the software. Building on established timebanking principles, the platform rewards one hour of time offered with one credit. Members can choose to bank their credits, spend them on requests or donate to others in the network.

Robert Woolf, co-founder of Made Open added:

“We are delighted that the Q community have chosen our platform which offers much more than a catalogue of offers and requests. Because our platform is a community network, members can make and build connections with each other as well as find offers and requests that match their location and interests”.

Hesham Abdalla, Consultant Paediatrician at Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust adds:

“Timebanking is a framework for people who would not normally meet to come together. We are pleased to see exchanges already taking place including mentoring, patient safety advice, data analysis and evaluation, peer review and support pathway development.”

For more information, please visit www.hexitime.com

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