HEARD campaign - Health Equity and Racial Disparity in Maternity

Hoping this little film will keep the #MatExp #WhoseShoes ripples going in Croydon!

In April 2022, we were invited to run a Whose Shoes workshop in support of the *HEARD campaign - Health Equity and Racial Disparity in Maternity.

A very important and sensitive topic so it was wonderful to be able to bring everyone together for a very informal, relaxed workshop in a community setting. Women and families from Croydon talking to healthcare professionals about what makes a difference in maternity care, and raising awareness of some of the issues faced by people from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities - not just the 'service users' but staff experiences too.

Hoping that this video will also be a useful resource in sharing the 'look and feel' of a Whose Shoes workshop and what it aims to achieve. Every event is different but the overall aims will be the same - bringing everyone together - #NoHierarchyJust People - and ensuring everyone feels HEARD - and that some real action will come from it.

Some people call it 'coproduction' ... but 'working TOGETHER' is what it means.

The film includes the fabulous introduction by Professor Jacqueline Dunkley-Bent, Chief Midwifery Officer for England, who is always so supportive of our work, and she helped set the scene for the event perfectly.

And a shoutout to Darzi fellow, Rosie Murphy, for pulling this together with love and passion for equity, and building relationships with the local community to make this happen in record time. Huge thanks to the Croydon BME Forum and the Asian Resource Centre, Croydon for engaging so strongly and your commitment to support women and families - and for your wonderful hospitality. The pizza was AMAZING! :)

So what is HEARD?

This is taken from the fantastic poster the Croydon HEARD team has created - check it out: https://www.croydonhealthservices.nhs...

"We know that across the country, Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) pregnant women are up to five times more likely to experience poor outcomes during pregnancy, including a higher risk of maternal and neonatal death.

To tackle these issues and ensure we are providing every mother with the best care possible, Croydon Health Services NHS Trust has launched the HEARD (Health Equity and Racial Disparity) in Maternity campaign.

Although the exact reasons for poorer outcomes are not known, this campaign aims to highlight and reduce the impact of some issues that may potentially contribute to increased risk, as well as improve experiences and health outcomes for the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic pregnant women and families who access our maternity services.

What does that mean for me and my baby?

We have put together a recommended care pathway to ensure that you receive the best possible experience during your time with us, and that you feel listened to and HEARD at every step of the journey. "

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