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Health and Hustle known as H8H began in the summer of 2016 with a small number of colleagues joining together to get active and motivated at work.

Fast forward on, and we now have over 400+ colleagues from across four Gloucestershire NHS organisations, Gloucestershire County Council and the Macmillan next step group taking part in Fitbit challenges.

Alongside this and to support activity, H8H organised activities that include running groups, walking, competitions and other active events across Gloucestershire. Health & Hustle invites staff to get involved and make a positive change to their active life at work and at home. No matter how small, making a positive change is a start towards feeling active physically and mentally.

The H8H journey began in June 2016, with one colleague aiming to lose weight, get fit and get healthy, using a Fitbit. His passion and enthusiasm got other colleagues on board, and this has gradually grown into a movement across the local NHS across Gloucestershire.

As more and more people got involved and the momentum grew, the group became known as Health and Hustle, and started to create a cultural shift in organisations. Recognising working environment in offices and onwards, with more emphasis on meetings and desk based working, can lead to staff being less active and more prone to illnesses.

Exercise carries many benefits and contributes to a healthier lifestyle. As health role models we aim to promote healthier lifestyles to the patients we treat, thus reducing risk of major illnesses such as stroke, heart disease and type 2 diabetes – and this is just as important for staff as it is for our patients. Health and Hustle is encouraging staff across the NHS and partner organisations to practice what they preach, and ensure they are “Fit to work; fit to treat; fit to live.”

Health & Hustle recognised that one-size does not fit all and has created an environment at work promoting healthy lifestyles through fun activities, and by encouraging and supporting each other to achieve active objectives. They run challenges on Fitbit as teams across different organisations, as well as groups or teams within NHS Trusts and partner organisations.

Colleagues are starting to set up their own mini challenges and groups, as well as bringing in family and friends from outside the NHS which is reaching out to an active population. Across the county, teams are setting up their own activities, and organisations are getting competitive!

We have launched ‘Marathon relay’s across organisations and taken part in local challenges, such as the Cheltenham Challenge, where staff can train to reach and celebrate their goals.As part of the NHS70 we have launched #glosnhs1000miles challenge where staff complete a 1000 miles in a year at the same time raising funds for Sue Ryder as the charity of choice selected by members of H8H.

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