GHFT - Introduction of Oxygen Target Wristbands on Ward 8b

Background & Problem: Ward 8b is a respiratory ward, the majority of our patients are receiving oxygen and some are very sensitive to oxygen which can often lead them to respiratory failure.

As a team we found that oxygen was not being prescribed, impacting the amount of oxygen patients were receiving, which led to over oxygenation for certain patient groups.

We sought to find a prompt to aid staff in the prescription & delivery of oxygen which would lead to better compliance with the NEWS2 charts and therefore patient safety.

Aim: For 50% of patients on ward 8b to have oxygen correctly prescribed and delivered within six months.

Method: - Collected the baseline data on the use of oxygen on the ward, how well it was prescribed and how well the NEWS2 charts were being used.

- Literature research & British Thoracic Society (BTS) guideline review for oxygen use.

- Driver diagram, measurement plans and PDSA cycle completed

- Staff training/briefing

- Introduced the use of our oxygen wristbands to ward 8b, using bedside posters and patient information leaflets to provide prompts to staff.

- Weekly audits to monitor the use of the wristbands and the impact they had on our outcome measures

Results: The results showed an improvement in all four areas measured, however the smallest impact is on oxygen being prescribed on the drug charts.


  • Acute
  • Acute > Patient Experience
  • Acute > Patient Safety
  • Leadership and Management
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