Genuine coproduction for children with complex medical needs

Gill Phillips, creator of the 'Whose Shoes' approach to coproduction was proud to team up with Dr Mary Salama, a fab paediatrician from Birmingham Children's Hospital, to do this joint presentation to open the Colab Partnership virtual conference, 02-07-2021. You can find out more about the Colab Partnership here - managing complexity in children's health care and sharing best practice.

Mary and Gill speak about genuine coproduction and why is it needed for children with medical complexity, giving practical examples from their work. They launch the concept of #IntentionalCoffee and link live with paediatric surgeon Joanne Minford, who shares her experience of coproduction using the 'Whose Shoes' board game in Liverpool (Alder Hey Children's Hospital and Liverpool Women's Hospital), and how this work has led to approval for a new neonatal unit.

The presentation starts with a powerful poem read by mum-leader Helen Calvert, who also shares her lived experience. Helen is a true leader and has been hugely influential in this work

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