Forensic recovery college and mosaic success!

Forensic recovery college and mosaic success! featured image
The forensic service and forensic recovery college are provided by South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

Within low secure services Activity Coordinator Leah Brown has been successfully delivering mosaic sessions for a group of service users.

After attending these, Des Ledgister, developed a keen interest and skill in creating mosaic plant pots. After creating a few for himself and his family, people began asking if they could purchase these, and staff have been supporting Des with his commercial ambition and forging relationships with local suppliers and potential customers. This has given Des a real sense of achievement and pride in his work, as well as a sense of productivity! The money earned, he then uses to continue purchasing new materials for future designs.

2017-04-11_58ed029b6e5c3_IMG_4457_fmxvn9Building on the success of the mosaic sessions, the first forensic recovery college course - 'Handmade Products' was launched.

This was facilitated by Leah, and Philip Holden, a service user who had particularly enjoyed the group sessions, and offered to co-produce the recovery college course.

As this was the first course for the forensic Recovery College, Leah and Philip delivered taster sessions.

Each participant chose either a coaster, small plant pot, or picture frame that they could mosaic with various different coloured tiles, and each could then take their finished product away with them at the end of the sessions.

This has been very empowering for Philip, and his confidence has flourished by being able to teach others skills he had learned recently on the ward.

The course was attended by both service users and staff together- it was a great atmosphere, with lots of chatter, and each participant creating something unique.

A real sense of achievement for all involved, and this is the first of more to come!

For more information please contact [email protected] (Activity Coordinator) or for an organisational contact [email protected] @rylatt_paula  @allofusinmind (Innovation development Manager)
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