Fabulous shares - great new collaborations coming soon!

Fabulous shares - great new collaborations coming soon! featured image
In a year you have shared over 500 fabulous stuff ideas/solutions/service developments and initiatives.

That translates to over 500,000 fabulous stuff pages being viewed. Wow

When you share your fab stuff, your share has pride of place on the home page for about a week, then your share goes into the archive which can be searched for by using our super fast Google search engine or by clicking on the themes on the tag cloud.

You tell us that even though you sometimes have to wait 2 or 3 weeks for your fab stuff to be shared, you'd prefer to wait and for us to continue with just 2 or 3 new shares a day, because if we increase the number of shares per day you get less time on the high impact home page. So listening to what you have said, we will continue with no more than 3 knew shares a day. So at periods of peak submission please be patient - it will be worth the wait!

To submit your shares to the website use this Link

You will have noticed that 2 weeks ago we started our collaboration with ECIST - if you have work to submit to the ECIST Network on the website please use this link to submit your work

We have some exciting new collaborations coming up - week commencing March 7th we will be launched #FabSocialCareStuff - if you have social care service initiatives please submit via the normal Link but put #FabSocialCareStuff in the title of your share.

Week commencing March 14th we will be working with Wendy Nicholson who is Lead Nurse - Children, young people & Families ([email protected]) to highlight the fabulous collaborative working by CYP nurses, school nurses public health and young people #co-production at its best.  Again if you have examples to share please submit here with #FabCYPstuff in the title bar.

There's more coming soon! So do register with the website to keep up to date with all news stories and all the new shares as they happen.

And of course, please do keep sharing and collaborating......

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