FabNHSStuff is thrilled to introduce a great new collaboration with ECIST Network

FabNHSStuff is thrilled to introduce a great new collaboration with ECIST Network featured image
So what's ECIST?  ECIST stands for  emergency care intensive support team - it's a clinically led national NHS team that has been designed by clinicians to help health and care systems deliver high quality emergency care.

The mission statement, beliefs and ambition of ECIST is in perfect synergy with ours.

ECIST want to share fab stuff to help make more fab stuff happen. ECIST visits many hospitals and have observed first hand the amazing staff and the great ideas they have to improve urgent and emergency care. But they have also noticed that staff feel a level of frustration that they can’t share their ideas or link up with colleagues in other parts of the country who are doing similar jobs or who have similar ideas - sound familiar? It's that lets not reinvent the wheel thing......

Often these people aren’t the ‘usual suspects’ e.g. people in senior management roles, but staff who each day see and know how improvements to urgent and emergency can be made.

ECIST has been a huge supporter of FabNHSStuff and we are thrilled that they have chosen to launch and house their ECIST Network on the FabNHSStuff website.

We are sure that this will be a fabulous home for 'not the usual subjects' to share their service examples of how they have improved emergency care - and we are really looking forward to helping to share and disseminate the fab stuff.

So lets get behind the ECIST Network, let's share and disseminate solutions that work, because we are so much stronger together.

You can find The ECIST Network page here  http://fabnhsstuff.net/about-ecist-network/
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