WeCommunities #FabChangeDay Chat - Weds 19th October, 2016 at 8pm

WeCommunities #FabChangeDay Chat - Weds 19th October, 2016 at 8pm featured image

lightbulb-changedaySustaining energy for change Hosted by WeNurses using #FabChangeDay

This chat is guest hosted by @FabNHSStuff  and @FabChangeDay

October 19th is Change Day – a day when healthcare professionals are asked to look around and see what can be improved, what small, or big, changes we can make to  the care we deliver.  This #FabChangeDay discussion is the second in a series of change focussed Twitter Chats (to read the first please click HERE) and will take place on Change Day itself. We will be asking how can we sustain energy for change?

There is always a lot of energy around Change Day, lots of tweets, lots of pledges and lots of events however we all know that change is not a one day process,  Gbadamosi (2015) identifies 10 barriers to change:
  • Confusing strategies
  • Over controlling leadership
  • One way communication
  • Poor workforce planning
  • Stifling innovation
  • Playing it safe
  • Poor project management
  • Undervaluing staff
  • Inhibiting environment
  • Perverse incentives

Each of these barriers can effect our energy to sustain the change we set out to make.  The video below explains why we need to sustain energy for change:

This discussion aims to tap into the energy that is Change Day and ask how we can sustain this energy to make lasting changes, for ourselves, our patients and our organisations.  Change can take time and hard work which is why Change Day is just the start.  And this year Change Day is not a day to make changes but a day to launch a year of ideas into action. “We” have teamed up with The Academy OfFabulous NHS Stuffand #FabChangeDay to help support and share change over the next year. (Read more HERE) This will be the second in a series of #FabChangeDay discussions exploring change.Some of the questions we will be addressing are:
  • What do we mean by sustaining energy for change?
  • Why is it important to sustain change?
  • Why do we need energy to change? And where do we get this energy?
  • What barriers are there to sustaining change?
  • What can help us to sustain change?
  • What practical tips do you have for ensuring people reach their goal and achieve sustained change?
Whether you are a doctor, nurse, physiotherapist, midwife, pharmacist, carer, patient, service user, citizen, manager or, in fact, anyone else .. everyone is welcome, so please join us to discuss change on #FabChangeDay. – 19th October 8pm.

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