FabChange21 - all you need to know !

FabChange21 - all you need to know ! featured image

Every week we will be sharing step by step information of how you can participate in this years FabChange21 in the lead up to the day itself on November 24th


We are excited to share with you the beginning of this year’s #FabChange21 activities.

This year, #FabChange21 on November 24th, reflects the challenges experienced by Health and Social Care staff during the covid 19 pandemic. 

We are basing the buildup to, and the day itself, on the best of ‘unconference philosophy’.  This year the key focus is to ensure that FabChange21 is simple, easy and fun to participate in and enables sharing, discussion, peer support and networking.

Working in collaboration with our friends at WeCommunities and using the WeGizmo platform, we are developing a simple participation and activity card and using the Bronze, Silver and gold stages which will enable participation via social media and enable widespread sharing and dissemination. 

We will be posting regular updates and information about #FabChange21 and will be sharing details of how you can participate in the #FabChange21 Festival on November 24th.


This year we have made taking part in #FabChange21 simple - there are 3 key sets of activities, so you can take your time in the weeks building up to November 24th and the #FabChangeFestival 

          So this is the link need to set up your personal #FabChange21 activity card.

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