#FabChange19 - October 16th 2019

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Six years ago, when it started, the concept of Change Day was based on the simple idea that people doing the job knew best, how better to do the job.

Free from interference and the constraints of business planning and permissions, front-line staff rolled up their sleeves and now Change Day is a fixture in the NHS calendar.

Through various ideas and iterations Change Day has travelled though Change Week, national tours, helicopters and Apps.  Copied in Canada and replicated throughout the UK Change Day is changing again.

This year we are going back to the beginnings.

Every individual, organisation and department is at a different point in their quality improvement and sharing journey.

So this year FabChange19 will reflect that.

The key is participating in a way that works for you with the focus on engaging, adopting and sharing.

Our aim is to support you in your planning and offer practical tips and resources which align with the ambition of FabChange19 :

  • to empower staff who are making large or small changes which improve outcomes for all 
  • to encourage formal exploring (both within your Organisation/department and within the Fab website) and sharing of these initiatives that work 
  • encourage the adoption and spread of  these proven initiatives 
  • share and celebrate the work your organisation is doing.

The unique difference this year is : 

  • You can pledge
  • You can share what you are doing even if it’s not completed
  • Celebrate your organisations work with market-place events to share initiatives with your workplace.
  • Amplify sharing and learning how ever you choose
  • There are no fixed campaigns or themes, there is no fixed way to participate - the choice and decisions are yours.  Chose what is important where you work.

So please do join #FabChange19  - an opportunity for health and social care to come together to share and learn from the improvements in our everyday work and together we can amplify the impact of stuff that works.

Use the #FabChange19  opportunity to hunt out the often hidden service developments which are improving patient experience within your service and organisation and share them. 

 You can find the full FabChange19 Your Way Guide here - please download and share !

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