Fab Change Day and Dementia Pledges

Fab Change Day and Dementia Pledges featured image
We are thrilled that this years Fab Change Day features the work of Dementia Carer Voices. Tommy's talks and roadshows talking about his personal experience of dementia caring for his mum Joan is moving and emotional and it reminds us all of our families and the havoc that dementia can wreak.

Tommy's tour has put him in front of scores of audiences, 52,000 people and thousands across social media.

The project has collected 11,000 pledges to date from NHS staff and admirers to improve dementia care services and move them on. Well done Tommy and all the team.

Let's put your pledges into a year of ideas into action. If you have made or want to make a Tommy pledge that's brilliant, but please also take a moment to share it to the Fab Change Day pledge app here... so we can share them, help you make them happen and find out what good looks like. Thank you.
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