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Covid-19 has forced us all to work in different ways. For many non-clinical staff this has meant working from home. One of the challenges of working remotely is that we no longer have access to the posters and documents that would be displayed in the office. We also no longer have the same corridor conversations when you might share something that you think others might find useful.

For the team in Taunton, we used to have a ‘QI Mood Board’ collated by the QI Evidence Team with recommended articles, graphics and generally fab stuff that we’d spotted and wanted to share to inspire others. We needed to find a virtual alternative.

To address this challenge, the @Evidence4QI (E4QI) team created a Pinterest page with different ‘boards’ on common themes. The E4QI Pinterest page is a visual repository of links to helpful QI articles, guides, training materials and resources that we think others might find useful. It can be used as a ‘visual search engine’ to find ideas, inspiration and resources to help QI teams.

The page is designed for anyone working in quality improvement or library and knowledge services. It started as a small test of change, and rapidly attracted interest from QI practitioners nationally and internationally. It is accessible to anyone, anywhere. It now has over 3,000 unique users per month from across the world and links to more than 300 resources.

To find the Pinterest page  CLICK HERE , YOU will find different QI related boards, including our new virtual QI Mood Board. Within each board you will see images of each link or document. You can then click on the image to retrieve the original web page. You can also save ‘pins’ that you want to come back to. You need to create a (free) Pinterest account to get the full functionality of the page.

The page has been collated by the E4QI team, who also select and ‘pin’ the links. New resources are added to the page each week, and new boards are added as new themes emerge. We invite anyone working in QI or library services to recommend or add QI themed ‘pins’ to the boards. Just get in touch with the @Evidence4QI team on twitter.

For more about the @Evidence4QI project see this video

To get involved or get support from the @Evidence4QI team follow us on twitter @Evidence4QI or contact [email protected]

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