End of Life Care Marriages in a Hospital setting

End of Life Care Marriages in a Hospital setting featured image
2017-02-28_58b5a4a7c68f4_imageShrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust Staff have been working hard to have a clear process for when an End of Life Care Patient wishes to get married in Hospital.

Flowcharts have been designed for both Ward Staff and the Chaplaincy service to follow to ensure the process is done without confusion and nothing is forgotten at this special and emotional time, this includes required documentation for special licence & contact details of people who will be able to assist in and out of hours.

Both religious and civil services can be offered depending on the couples preference.

2017-02-28_58b5a4a7c6a5f_imageThe end of life care team have created a wedding bag to assist the ward staff in making this day as special as possible, this includes bunting, a ring box, a wedding card, champagne glasses and fizz, confetti, pen, paper, a keepsake gift and the flow charts on the process.

The Ward staff together with the End of Life Care Team get flowers and cake on the big day.

Ward Staff even managed to get a photographer to capture the special day for the wedding earlier this year with our hospital photographer printing the photos for the couple next working day, the wedding even took place in our swan room which made it extra special.

Thank you to everyone involved in making this happen from the Registrar services, Hospital Chaplaincy Team, End of Life Care Team, Communications Team, Photographer, Ward Staff and to the Director of Corporate Governance.

Together we made it happen because it's the right thing to do as we have one chance to get it right.

Jules Lewis End of Life Care Facilitator at SaTH
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